Veggie Saute


Broccoli, roasted red peppers, red onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, olives, and white wine garlic sauteed in penne pasta served with baked bread.

Shrimp and Scallop Scampi


Tender shrimp and scallops with broccoli & tomato in a delicate scampi sauce over angel hair pasta. Served with baked bread.

Shrimp Basket


Crispy breaded shrimp, cocktail or tartar sauce. Served with fries.

Delmonico Steak


Tender, juicy 12 ounce bone out rib-eye cooked to your liking and topped with mushroom and onions. Served with baby baked potatoes and veggies.

Broiled Scallops


Sweet, tender scallop medallions in a delicate white wine sauce served with rice and veggies.

Flat Iron Steak


8 oz. seared with a homemade tangy dry rub, grilled to your liking. Served with fries and veggies.

Bourbon Glazed Salmon


Bourbon glazed broiled salmon served with rice pilaf and veggies.

Blackjack Baby backs


Full rack of slow-cooked marinated ribs, grilled then lathered in our homemade blackjack bbq sauce and served with fries and coleslaw.

Twin Sesame Ginger Tuna Steaks


Two 4 oz. steaks grilled to your liking covered with an oriental glaze and served with rice and veggies.

Buffalo Chicken Saute


Boneless breast sauteed with red onion, tomato and wing sauce tossed with penne sprinkled with bleu cheese crumbles, served with baked bread.

Shanghai Shrimp Saute


Large shrimp sauteed in shanghai sauce then tossed with tomato, red onion and penne. Served with baked bread.

Chicken Parmesan


Two tender cutlets, topped with mozzy cheese and homemade marinara with penne pasta and baked bread.

BBQ Trio


Grilled chicken breast, 1/2 rack ribs & homemade pulled pork, each with its own unique sauce served with french fries & coleslaw.

Raspberry Chicken


Breaded chicken cutlets covered with a homemade raspberry cream sauce. Served with rice and veggies.

Palermo Pasta


Penne pasta with tomatoes & black olives, in a tomato basil cream sauce topped with grilled chicken and fresh mozzy served with baked bread.