• Appetizers

    • Fried Calamari


      Thin sliced tender tubes, lightly dusted and delicately fried. Served with marinara

    • Pulled Pork/Mac Cheese Egg Roll

      Homemade & served with Ranch Dipping Sauce

      (1) - $4.95

      (2) - $8.25

    • Boneless Wings


      All white chunked breast meat, , lightly dusted in flower, tossed in  your choice of wing sauce served with celery and bleu cheese.

    • Chicken Quesadilla


      Grilled chicken, cheddar, mozzy, tomatoes, and scallions. served w/salsa and sour cream.

    • Mozzy Sticks


      Five per order, served with homemade marinara sauce.

    • Nachos to Die For

      Flour tortilla chips topped with shredded cheddar, salsa, sour cream, tomato & scallions.

      Little - $7.25    Big - $12.29

      Add taco meat or chicken:

      Little - $2.75   Big - $4.95

    • Chicken Fingers


      Five battered pieces of all white meat chicken served with honey mustard dip sauce.

      Tossed in your choice of wing sauce w/bleu cheese & celery add $2.50

      Add a french fries - $2.50

    • Hot Wings

      Available sauces: mild, warm, hot, bbq, garlic bbg, hot bbq, honey bbq, butter and garlic, hot garlic, teriyaki, our award winning white hot, shanghai or hot shanghai. All served with bleu cheese and celery.

      Five (5) - $6.95

      Ten (10) - $11.95

      Twenty (20) - $21.95

    • Babyback Rib App


      1/2 rack slowly cooked then lathered in our homemade blackjack bbq sauce.

    • Shanghai Shrimp


      Ten large shrimp sauteed in our award winning shanghai sauce served with bleu cheese & celery.

    • Steamed Dumplings


      Six dumplings filled with a pork stuffing, served with a teriyaki dip sauce.

    • Oriental Delight


      Three scallops, four dumplings & three breaded shrimp with cucumber wasabi, sesame ginger & teriyaki dip sauces.

    • Specialty Sandwiches

    • Bacon Bruchetta Chicken


      Grilled boneless breast served on ciabatta and covered with homemade bruchetta and bacon strips. Served with chips.

    • Black Jack Steak Panini Melt


      Tender thin sliced steak with provolone, sauteed mushrooms and onions, and our signature sauce served with chips.

    • Roast Pork Panini


      Roast pork, spring mix, roasted red peppers, provolone and warm gravy served w/chips.

    • Broccoli, Cheddar Chicken Panini


      Grilled chicken, broccoli and melted cheddar served with chips.

    • Prime Rib Sandwich


      Thin sliced, cut to order and topped w/melted provolone on a kaiser roll served with a side of homemade horsey sauce, au jus, and waffle fries.

    • Bruschetta Burger


      8 oz. with homemade tomato and onion mix, mozzy cheese, and balsamic glaze served with fries.

    • Crazy Steak


      Thin sliced sirloin, american cheese, sauteed peppers, mushrooms and onions served with fries. Also available as a wrap.

    • Chicken Cheesesteak


      Grilled chicken, American cheese, sauteed mushrooms & onions served with chips. Also available as a wrap.

    • Roma Chicken


      Chicken cutlet, provolone, select greens, roasted reds, tomato, red onion & balsamic vinegar on a ciabatta roll with chips.

    • Yellowfin Tuna Melt


      Grilled tuna steak on warm pizzoli bread with lettuce, tomato, red onion, mozzy, cheddar and our own vinaigrette dressing. Served with chips.

    • Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak


      Grilled boneless breast, bleu cheese crumbles, choice of wing sauce, on a hoagie roll served with chips.

    • Big Sky Burger


      8 oz. with bacon, bbq sauce, bleu cheese crumbles, on a kaiser roll served with fries.

    • California Burger


      8 oz. with lettuce, tomato, red onion, side of mayo on a kaiser roll served with fries.

    • Phat Wraps

    • Buffalo Chicken


      Fried chicken with choice of wing sauce, bleu cheese, lettuce, tomato and celery

    • Steak Burrito


      Thinly sliced London broil with Spanish rice, cheddar cheese, salsa and sour cream

    • Mr. Charlie Chicken


      Grilled chicken breast, roasted red peppers, bleu cheese crumbles, spring mix and bacon ranch dressing.

    • Caesar

      Fresh romaine, tomato, Caesar dressing, parmesan cheese & your choice of:

      • Grilled Chicken Breast - $11.95
      • Fresh Grilled Shrimp - $12.95
      • Grilled Steak - $16.95
    • Ranch Hand


      Chicken tenders, bacon, lettuce, tomato, American cheese and ranch dressing.

    • Balsamic Veggie

      Green pepper, mushrooms, red onion, tomato, broccoli, mozzy and cheddar cheese with balsamic vinegar - $9.95

      Grilled Chicken Breast - $13.45

      Fresh Grilled Shrimp - $15.45

    • Cucumber Wasabi Tuna


      Grilled yellowfin steak with lettuce, tomato, and our cucumber wasabi sauce, nestled in a tomato basil wrap.

    • Salad Entrees

    • Chicken Caesar Salad


      Fresh Romaine lettuce tossed with homemade dressing, croutons, tomatoes and parmesan cheese, then topped with a grilled chicken breast.

    • Sante Fe Chicken Salad


      Iceberg lettuce with spring mix, tomato, red onion, carrots, green peppers & croutons topped with our homemade black bean corn salsa and a sliced chicken breast (grilled or fried) served with ranch dressing.

    • Crazy Salad


      Spring mix, tomato, onion, dried cranberries, bleu cheese crumbles, chopped walnuts tossed in our homemade raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

    • Entrees

    • Delmonico Steak


      Tender, juicy 12 ounce bone out rib-eye cooked to your liking and topped with mushroom and onions. Served with baby baked potatoes and veggies.

    • BBQ Trio


      Grilled chicken breast, 1/2 rack ribs & homemade pulled pork, each with its own unique sauce served with french fries & coleslaw.

    • Fish & Chips


      Beer-battered cod with waffle fries, choice of cocktail or tartar sauce.

    • Palermo Pasta


      Penne pasta with tomatoes & black olives, in a tomato basil cream sauce topped with grilled chicken and fresh mozzy served with baked bread.

    • Raspberry Chicken


      Breaded chicken cutlets covered with a homemade raspberry cream sauce. Served with rice and veggies.

    • Bourbon Glazed Salmon


      Bourbon glazed broiled salmon served with rice pilaf and veggies.

    • Maple Walnut Chicken


      Grilled chicken breast topped with a homemade maple walnut sauce served with rice and veggies.

    • Veggie Saute


      Broccoli, roasted red peppers, red onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, olives, and white wine garlic sauteed in penne pasta served with baked bread.

    • Bacon Bleu Sirloin Filet


      8 oz. filet topped with crispy bacon, bleu cheese crumbles, and bleu cheese dressing served with baby baked potatoes and veggies.

    • Shrimp and Scallop Scampi


      Tender shrimp and scallops with broccoli & tomato in a delicate scampi sauce over angel hair pasta. Served with baked bread.

    • Flat Iron Steak


      8 oz. seared with a homemade tangy dry rub, grilled to your liking. Served with fries and veggies.

    • Shrimp Basket


      Crispy breaded shrimp, cocktail or tartar sauce. Served with fries.

    • Buffalo Chicken Saute


      Boneless breast sauteed with red onion, tomato and wing sauce tossed with penne sprinkled with bleu cheese crumbles, served with baked bread.

    • Broiled Scallops


      Sweet, tender scallop medallions in a delicate white wine sauce served with rice and veggies.

    • Broiled Mahi-Mahi


      8 oz. filet cooked n a light citrus wine sauce served with rice and veggies..

    • Twin Sesame Ginger Tuna Steaks


      Two 4 oz. steaks grilled to your liking covered with an oriental glaze and served with rice and veggies.

    • Chicken Parmesan


      Two tender cutlets, topped with mozzy cheese and homemade marinara with penne pasta and baked bread.

    • Blackjack Baby backs


      Full rack of slow-cooked marinated ribs, grilled then lathered in our homemade blackjack bbq sauce and served with fries and coleslaw.

    • Shanghai Shrimp Saute


      Large shrimp sauteed in shanghai sauce then tossed with tomato, red onion and penne. Served with baked bread.